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You are arriving during a busy time on the Jewish calendar, which means you will get to experience some unique moments! It also means there are some things you should be aware of. Hit the icon bellow to connect to the google calendar with all the events, holidays and more.

Weekends (Shabbath) and Holidays in Israel

Weekends in Israel are Friday-Saturday.

During Sabbath (Friday evening to Saturday evening) and holiday, there is no public transportation available. Kosher restaurants and other businesses will be closed.

Where should you be during this time? Tel-Aviv! Weekends are the liveliest time with many parties on Thursday and Friday nights. Everything is open and many places are walkable.

Where should NOT be during this time? Jerusalem. Since it's a more traditional city most businesses are closed and you will not have much to do there.

April 11th - April 12th: Passover Holiday 

From the evening of April 11th (appx 6pm) to the evening of April 12th (appx 8pm) there will be no public transportation, some businesses will be closed. Up to this day there will be no bread available almost anywhere as we celebrate Passover!

April 16th: Moroccan Henna Celebration

We will be having a traditional fun celebration in Shir's backyard. Dinner will be provided. Evenings could get chilly so check the whether beforehand.

April 17th - April 18th: Holocaust Remembrance Day + Trip to the Dead Sea

April 17th we will be heading to a hike in Ein Gedi and then go to Ein Bokek beach for a night at the Dead Sea. All are welcome to join us.

Please be mindful that this is also Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a significant day in Israel and we ask to be respectful. "Yad Vashem" is an extremely special and unique holocaust museum. It is near Jerusalem for anyone interested.

April 19th: Wedding!

The big event will start in the evening of this day. There will be a shuttle arranged from Tel-Aviv.

April 24th - April 25th: Memorial Day

During Memorial day (evening of April 24th - evening of April 25th) public transportation will be working normally, however some businesses may be closed or have different operating hours.

April 25th: Independence Day Eve!

As Memorial day ends in the evening, Independence Eve hits. This is a huge celebration in Israel with most city parks having free live music, vendors and fireworks. Parties across the country.

April 26th: Independence Day - bbq in Guy's Backyard

Independence Day is typically spent holding Israeli style cookouts with family. You are welcome to join us for a cookout in Guy's backyard!

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