About Me

Hey there!

My name is Shir, originally from Israel and currently working as an Animator at DreamWorks, looking to put smiles on people's faces :)

I'm a backpacker, explorer at heart and a dog mom to my little fur baby Summer.

I'm always up to meeting new people and learning something new. Feel free to contact me!


+1 (941) 900 5157

Work Experience

Currently working as an Animator at DreamWorks Feature. Animated main characters on promotional materials for the upcoming Boss Baby Family Business and am currently animating on an unannounced production.

Animation Intern: League of Legends Champions Team

As part of Riot's internship program, I animated on a variety of champions in production from creatures, to humans, quadrupeds and bipeds, while focusing on body mechanics, strong posing and readable silhouettes from all camera angles. Developed and established new champions' personalities and styles with a team of creatives.

Animator: "The Slide" Short Film

"The Slide" is an animated short film Directed by Uri Lotan, and is currently in production. The film's visual style is inspired by picture-book illustrations and stop motion and is animated on 2's.

Feel free to check out the Kickstarter: http://kck.st/31dNvbe

Director & Creator of "The Train to Qinling" Short Film

"The Train to Qinling" is an award wining short, which I've created as my thesis film at Ringling College of Art & Design (Computer Animation department).

I am responsible for all aspects from pre-production to final rendered product.

I worked with a team (composer, sound designer, sound mixer and voice actor) to form a unique whimsical vision, inspired by experiences of traveling the world and influenced by volunteer work with non-verbal children.


Here are some of the awards the film has received so far

Animator/CG Generalist Intern

Created short videos, commercials and sizzles (internal promotional videos) for internal and external clients, promoting top brands such as Star Wars, Transformers, Monopoly and more.

Animated a variety of well known characters, maintaining their personality and characteristic features.

Was part of a team brainstorming ideas for the promotion of a new toy through story-based videos.